Ron White (Australia) Kinetic and fluid modelling of charged-particle transport in gases and liquids and the gas-liquid interface

Jan Hendrik Bredehöft (Germany): Electron-induced chemistry in the condensed phase

Vincenzo Amendola (Italy): Laser assisted synthesis of magneto-plasmonic and UV-vis-NIR plasmonic nanoparticles

Dejan Milošević (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Atomic and molecular processes in a strong bicircular laser field

Nikolay A. Dyatko (Russia): Influence of nitrogen admixture on plasma characteristics in a DC argon glow discharge and in afterglow.

Arnaud Bultel (France): Thermochemical non equilibrium in thermal plasmas

Yasuhiko Takeiri (Japan): Advanced helical plasma research toward steady-state fusion reactor by deuterium experiment in Large Helical Device

Mark Koepke (USA): Interrelationship between lab, space, astrophysical, magnetic-fusion, and inertial-fusion plasma experiments

Evgeny Stambulchik (Israel): Lineshape modeling: A computer experimentalist's perspective

John Bozek (France): Using X-rays to look at quantum mechanics in atoms, molecules and clusters

Seiji Samukawa (Japan): Atomic layer defect-free top-down process for future nano-scale devices

  • Christophe Blondel (France): Cavity-enhanced photodetachment of H– as a means to produce energetic neutral beams for plasma heating
  • Rashid Nazmitdinov (Russia): Magnetic field control of the quantum entanglement in two-electron artificial atoms
  • Radmila Panajotović (Serbia): Modifications of 2D-material-organic thin films heterostructures produced by monoenergetic electron beam
  • Laurence Campbell (Australia): Applications of electron-impact excitation of OH in the Solar System
  • Kari Jänkälä (Finland): Theoretical and experimental research of ionic states of atoms with multielectron coincidence detection
  • Miloš Burger (USA): Intense Laser Filament-Solid Interactions from Near-Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared
  • Leonardo Marušić (Croatia): Electronic Excitations in Alkali Intercalated Graphene
  • Davor Peruško (Serbia): Laser beam modification of multilayered thin film structures
  • Jon Tomas Gudmundsson (Iceland): Electron heating in electronegative capacitively coupled discharge of complex chemistry
  • Dušan Božanić (Serbia): Synchrotron Radiation VUV Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Free Nano-Systems
  • Anton Nikiforov (Belgium): Radio-frequency plasmas at atmospheric pressure: from physics of sustaining to materials engineering and biomedicine
  • Tomáš Hoder (Czech Republic): High-resolution High-sensitivity Spectroscopic and Electrical Diagnostics of Barrier Discharges
  • Andei Pipa (Germany): Equivalent circuit approach for electrical diagnostics of dielectric barrier discharges
  • Vesna Borka Jovanović (Serbia): Fundamental plane of eliptical galaxies in f(R) gravity: the role of luminosity
  • Anđelka Kovačević (Serbia): Periodicity in spectral variability of active galaxies: A diagnostic of physical processes in their center
  • Paola Marziani (Italy): Quasars: from the Physics of Line Formation to Cosmology
  • Hiroshi Kasahara (Japan): Large Helical Device reveals long time-scale
  • Rim Hadidi (France): PECD on chiral amino-acids.
  • Mirjanа Vojnović (Serbia): Development of electron impact ionization spectrometer
  • Mirjana Novaković (Serbia): Formation of silver nanoparticles into silicon with mask-assisted ion implantation process
  • Bart Oostenrijk (Sweden): A chemical understanding of the limited site-specificity in molecular inner-shell photofragmentation
  • Marko Ćosić (Serbia): Quantum rainbows in positron transmission through carbon nanotubes
  • Mioljub Nešić (Serbia): Developing the techniques for solving the inverse problem in photoacoustics
  • Miloš Skočić (Serbia): Shock wave expansion in laser induced plasma
  • Maja Popović (Serbia): Tuning the plasmonic properties of titanium nitride
  • Vesna Kovačević (Serbia): Diagnostics of dielectric barrier discharges in contact with liquid target
  • Nikola Ivanović (Serbia): The study of Ar I and Ne I spectral line shapes in the cathode sheath region of an abnormal glow discharge
  • Ana Kramar (Serbia): Processing of cellulose textile materials with non thermal atmospheric pressure plasma
  • Lazar Gavanski (Serbia): Measurement of Stark halfwidths of spectral lines of ionized oxygen and silicon, emitted from T-tube plasma
  • Dejan Maletić (Serbia): Atmospheric plasma jets: development, diagnostics and application for bacteria sterilization
  • Biljana Stankov (Serbia): Beryllium spectral line studies in the presence of beryllium dust
  • Mohammed Koubiti (France): Spectral modeling of hydrogen radiation emission in magnetic fusion plasmas
  • Maša Lakićević (Serbia): Optical and mid-infrared properties of active galactic nuclei and review on my work about dust in supernova remnants
  • Vladimir Srećković (Serbia): Atom-Rydberg atom processes in the Broad Line Region of AGNs
  • Dušan Onić (Serbia): Supernova remnants as collisionless shock waves: an overview of theory and observations
  • Nikolai Bezuglov (Russia): Dynamic instability of Rydberg atomic complexes
  • Edi Bon (Serbia): On the time scales of optical variability of AGN and the shape of their optical emission line profiles
  • Miloš Vlainić (Serbia): Studies or Runway Electrons in COMPASS Tokamak
  • Dimitrios Tzimeas (Greece): Questions and answers on ASTA multicomponent analysis
  • James Dedrick (United Kingdom): Electron heating in radio-frequency hollow cathodes
LIST OF SPEAKERS AT WORKSHOP X-ray Interaction with Biomolecules in Gas Phase (XiBiGP):
  • Gustavo Garcia (France) Photoelectron spectroscopy and dichroism of small biomolecules and clusters using electron/ion coincidence techniques
  • Oksana Plekan (Italy) Femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of some biological molecules
  • Miloš Milčić (Serbia) Computational tools for studying X-Ray - Molecule interactions. A Halothane example
  • Ana Martín Somer (Spain) Computational study of the fragmentation dynamics of bare and nanosolvated protonated leucine-enkephaline peptide ion
  • Robin Schürmann (Germany) Shining (Synchrotron) Light on Nanoparticles
  • Jacopo Chiarinelli (Italy) Photofragmentation of Radiosensitizers
  • Thomas Schlathölter (Netherlands) Interactions of energetic photons and fast ions with gas-phase DNA
  • Lucas Schwob (Germany) X-Ray absorption spectroscopy of gas-phase biomolecular ions
  • Miloš Ranković (Czech Republic) Oxigen K-shell spectroscopy of isolated bare and solvated peptide
  • Christophe Nicolas (France) Photoelectron spectroscopy of solvated proteins at the PLEIADES beamline
  • Johannes Niskanen (Finland) Core-hole-state dynamics in aqueous Histidine during resonant inelastic scattering process
  • Clara Saak (Sweden) Ions and Molecules at the Water Interface: A Spectroscopist's View of Solvation


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