For all conference participants Technical Organizer PanaComp offers accommodation in some of the best Belgrade hotels by reduced prices. All hotels are situated in Belgrade city center. Map of the conference site and hotels is available here.
Also, an offer for student accommodation in a hostel by very attractive prices is listed below. Early booking of student accommodation is necessary in order to make reservations on time.
Book your accommodation using the form given below.

List of hotels (map of the conference site with hotels)
All rates are per room per night and are including breakfast, local tax, insurance and VAT. Any extra charges for mini-bar, telephone, room service, etc. should be payed at the hotel directly.

Palace Hotel****, Topličin venac 23
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This hotel is booked!

Hotel Prag****, Kraljice Natalije 27     
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This hotel is booked!

Hotel Le Petit Piaf****, Skadarska 34     
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This hotel is booked!

All cancellations for hotels must be sent to Pana Comp-zemlja cuda d.o.o. in written form (fax: +381 21 466076 or e-mail:
For cancellations received until Friday, 1st of August 2018, deposits will be refunded less 40 € for administrative costs. After this date, no refund will be possible.

Accommodation form

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Nov 25 2017
First Announcement

March 19 2018
Second Announcement

April 19 2018
Reduced fees for late registration

June 15 2018
Extended deadline for papers to 1.7.